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Tesla is a well-known electric vehicle manufacturer and has been a leader in self-driving car technology. Tesla’s Autopilot system, which includes advanced driver assistance features, has garnered significant attention and debate in recent years.


While the technology has the potential to enhance road safety and convenience, several accidents and incidents have raised concerns and questions about its reliability and user behavior.

If you’ve been injured in a Tesla car accident and require legal representation, it’s essential to consult with our experienced Tesla car accident attorney in Pasadena at McNally Law Office to protect your rights and pursue compensation. Our experienced attorneys at McNally Law Office are ready to assist in self-driving car accident cases and help clients seek the compensation they deserve.

Reasons for Tesla Car Accidents

Tesla car accidents, like accidents involving any other type of vehicle, can occur for various reasons. While Tesla vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like Autopilot, they still require human drivers to maintain control and vigilance. Common reasons for Tesla car accidents include:

  • Driver Inattention or Distraction: Distracted driving remains a leading cause of accidents. Even with ADAS features, drivers must remain attentive and ready to take control when necessary. Using smartphones, eating, or engaging in other distractions can lead to accidents.
  • Overreliance on Autopilot: Some Tesla drivers may over-rely on Autopilot or other ADAS features, believing the system can fully replace their attention. This overconfidence can lead to delayed reactions in critical situations.
  • Inadequate Driver Supervision: Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) features require active driver supervision and intervention. Failure to provide adequate supervision can result in accidents.
  • System Limitations: Autopilot and FSD have limitations, especially in challenging conditions like inclement weather or poorly marked roads. Ignoring these limitations can lead to accidents.
  • Improper Use of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta: Some Tesla owners may use the FSD Beta in a beta testing phase without fully understanding its limitations. This can lead to unexpected situations and accidents.

Tesla drivers need to recognize the need for ongoing training, stay informed about system limitations, and always maintain their responsibility for safe operation. Proper supervision, attention, and adherence to traffic laws are crucial to prevent Tesla car accidents and ensure the safe use of advanced driver assistance systems.

Determining Liability in a Tesla Car Accident

Liability in a Tesla car accident, like any other car accident, can be complex and depends on the specific circumstances of the collision. Determining liability involves assessing the actions and negligence of all parties involved. Here are some key factors that may influence liability in a Tesla car accident:

  • Driver Negligence: In many cases, driver negligence is the primary factor in determining liability. This can include actions such as speeding, running red lights, distracted driving, and other violations of traffic laws. Even with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like Autopilot, drivers are responsible for safe vehicle operation.
  • Autopilot or FSD Involvement: If a Tesla was in Autopilot or Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode at the time of the accident, the extent to which the driver was attentive and in control can affect liability. If the driver was not actively supervising the vehicle and an accident occurred, it could impact liability.
  • System Malfunctions: Rarely, software bugs or hardware malfunctions can affect Tesla’s ADAS features. If it can be proven that a malfunction in the vehicle’s ADAS system contributed to the accident, liability may shift to the manufacturer.
  • Product Liability: In cases where it can be demonstrated that a defect in the Tesla vehicle or its ADAS system played a significant role in the accident, product liability claims against the manufacturer may be relevant.

Determining liability in a Tesla car accident often requires a thorough investigation, legal expertise, and, in some cases, expert analysis of the accident and the vehicle’s technology. Liability can vary from case to case, and it’s advisable to consult with our personal injury attorney, who specializes in car accidents, to assess your situation and understand your legal rights and options.

Our Tesla Car Accident Attorney can Help You

If you’ve been involved in a Tesla car accident and need legal assistance in Pasadena or throughout California, it’s essential to consult with our Tesla car accident attorney from McNally Law Office, who can assess the circumstances of your case, investigate the causes of the crash, and determine the impact it has had on your life. Whether pursuing a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim for a loved one, having our dedicated and experienced legal team can help you navigate the complex legal process, negotiate with insurance companies, and work toward securing the compensation you deserve.



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