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A bus accident is a collision or incident involving a bus, such as a public transit bus, school bus, or commercial bus. Bus accidents can vary in severity, from minor incidents to catastrophic collisions resulting in injuries, fatalities, and significant property damage.


It’s essential for individuals who have been injured in bus accidents to know that they can seek legal assistance from experienced Pasadena bus and mass transit accident attorneys from the McNally Law Office. Regardless of where the accident occurred in California, seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a bus accident is a right protected by law.

Types of Bus Accidents

  • Collisions with Other Vehicles: Bus accidents often involve collisions with cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Buses can strike pedestrians in crosswalks or at bus stops.
  • Rollover Accidents: Buses, especially commercial buses, can be prone to rollovers when taking sharp turns at high speeds.
  • Runaway Bus Accidents: These involve a bus losing control on downhill grades.
  • Rear-End Collisions: When a bus collides with the rear of another vehicle.
  • Single-Vehicle Accidents: Bus accidents can also result from the bus losing control or hitting a stationary object.

We Handle the Following Bus and public transportation accident cases

  • Bus Accidents: These can include collisions with other vehicles, pedestrian accidents, or injuries sustained by passengers inside the bus.
  • Train Accidents: Train accidents can involve derailments, collisions with other trains or vehicles, or accidents at train stations.
  • Subway and Light Rail Accidents: Incidents in subway systems or light rail networks can result from various factors, including mechanical failures or platform accidents.
  • Tram and Trolley Accidents: Accidents involving trams or trolleys may occur on tracks or at intersections.
  • Ferry Accidents: Accidents on ferries can involve collisions, grounding, or passenger injuries during boarding or disembarking.

Seek Legal Representation from the McNally Law Office

With over 30 years of experience and a focus on obtaining meaningful results, our Pasadena bus and mass transit accident lawyers at the McNally Law Office can provide valuable legal representation to bus, train, rail, taxi, subway, and other mass transit accident victims. Free consultations and flexible scheduling demonstrate our commitment to helping bus and mass transit accident victims understand their rights and explore their legal options.



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