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Protecting victims of elder abuse is a crucial and ethical responsibility, and it involves several key steps and approaches to ensure the safety, well-being, and rights of older adults. Elder abuse can take various forms, including physical, emotional, financial, neglect, and sexual abuse.


Protecting victims of elder abuse requires a multi-faceted approach involving individuals, communities, healthcare professionals, and legal authorities. By taking a proactive stance against elder abuse, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for older adults, ensuring they can age with dignity and respect.

Elder abuse can lead to devastating consequences, and pursuing financial compensation through a civil lawsuit is about seeking recovery and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. Taking legal action can help victims and their families cope with loss and begin the process of healing.

If you or a loved one has been or is currently the victim of elder abuse, seeking legal assistance is crucial to protecting your rights and seeking justice for the mistreatment and neglect experienced. Our elder abuse attorney in Pasadena at McNally Law Office appears dedicated to representing clients who have suffered elder abuse and advocating for their well-being.

Common Types of Elder Abuse

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse involves using force or violence that results in bodily harm, pain, or injury to an older adult. It may include hitting, slapping, pushing, restraining, or using excessive force during caregiving.

Emotional or Psychological Abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse inflicts an older adult’s emotional pain, distress, or anguish. This type of abuse can be verbal threats, humiliation, intimidation, harassment, or isolation from family and friends.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation occurs when an older adult’s assets, finances, or property are misused, stolen, or taken without informed consent. Perpetrators can be family members, caregivers, or outsiders who exploit the victim’s vulnerability.


Neglect is failing to provide necessary care, support, or attention to meet an older adult’s basic needs, leading to physical or emotional harm. Neglect can involve inadequate food, water, clothing, shelter, hygiene, and medical care.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse involves non-consensual sexual activity, advances, or contact with an older adult. Perpetrators may be caregivers, family members, or others who exploit an older adult’s vulnerability.


occurs when a caregiver or responsible party deserts an older adult, leaving them without the care and support they need for their well-being and safety.

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Healthcare fraud and abuse involve fraudulent or unnecessary medical treatments, services, or billing practices by healthcare providers or facilities, which can harm older patients physically and financially.


Self-neglect refers to situations in which older adults fail to adequately care for themselves, leading to serious health, safety, or well-being issues. This type of abuse is often self-inflicted but may require intervention to protect the individual.

Spiritual or Religious Abuse

Spiritual or religious abuse involves exploiting an older adult’s spiritual or religious beliefs for manipulation. Perpetrators may use coercion, guilt, or intimidation to exert control.

Types of Compensation for Elder Abuse

Victims of elder abuse may be entitled to various forms of compensation, depending on the circumstances of the abuse, the applicable laws, and the legal actions taken to address the abuse. Types of compensation for elder abuse may include:

  • Economic Damages
  • Non-Economic Damages
  • Punitive Damages
  • Reimbursement of Stolen Funds
  • Legal Fees and Costs
  • Injunctions and Restraining Orders
  • Elder Support Services
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Legal Actions Against Perpetrators.

It’s important to note that the availability and types of compensation may vary depending on the jurisdiction, the specific circumstances of the abuse, and the outcome of legal actions. Seeking the assistance of an attorney specializing in elder abuse cases is essential to understanding your rights, exploring the available legal remedies, and pursuing the compensation and justice that victims of elder abuse deserve.

Our Attorneys from McNally Law Office can Help You.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of elder abuse, do not hesitate to call McNally Law Office at (626) 584-5744. Our experienced Pasadena elder abuse attorney appears ready to be your staunch advocate in any legal forum, ensuring your rights and best interests are vigorously protected. We can provide the guidance and support necessary to address the complex and challenging issues surrounding elder abuse cases.



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